Genus Fossil Free is pioneering a profitable new type of impact investing.

Genus Capital, one of the first international investment firms to establish a customizable fossil-fuel-free line of investment products, has defined their position: “Our approach is to divest from the primary producers, and engage the rest,” says Wayne Wachell, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Genus. It’s an approach that’s earning support from some of Canada’s most prominent Foundations; David Suzuki Foundation, Tides Canada, and the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust have all placed a portion of their capital into Genus’s Fossil Fuel Free investments.

In 2014, a Responsible Investment Association study recognized that Genus Fossil Free Solutions “meet the criteria to place in the most robust sub-category of fossil fuel free products.”

In fact, fossil fuel free investing is proving more profitable than conventional investing: 87% of impact investors who targeted portfolio competitiveness either met or outperformed expectations in 2013. Comparisons show that, historically, fossil free investment returns not only outperform major indices, but also hold risk at essentially the same levels, according to Aperio Group.


The line isn’t so difficult to draw—lower volatility, higher quality, higher yield stocks, and a cleaner planet—“why would you settle for less?” is a tough response to the cynics.

Genus Fossil Free has successfully reduced climate investment risks without sacrificing return potential. Our fossil free portfolios exclude companies directly involved in extracting, processing and transporting oil, gas or coal. We also eliminate high carbon emitters and invest in companies that demonstrate a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitment.