3 Surprise Benefits of Divesting from Fossil Fuels

3 Surprise Benefits of Divesting from Fossil Fuels

The Divestment movement is upon us.

On a daily basis there seems to be announcements from major investment companies, large foundations, and large cities about their future plans to cease investing in Fossil Fuels.

Many investors are thinking about joining in.

Here are 3 Surprise Benefits of Divestment:

  1. Fossil Fuel divestment has the potential to reduce the overall risk of your portfolio simply by avoiding the volatility that comes with investing in traditional Energy sectors.
  2. A portfolio devoid of companies that create mass carbon pollution has been shown to have the potential for greater returns than those that include companies involved in the extraction, transportation, or refining of fossil fuels.
  3. A portfolio divested from Fossil Fuels may be one of the few ways to insulate your portfolio from climate related risks (think oil spills).


It is clear that there is a way to invest in what matters to you without giving up on investment returns.

Genus Capital is at the forefront of Canada’s divestment movement with a complete suite of fossil free funds tailored to meet the needs of investors who wish to divest from the world’s worst polluters and invest in a sustainable, clean energy future.

Go to Our Portfolios for more information about how to make divestment a reality for you.

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