Reducing Carbon Footprint

It’s Time to Start Counting Your Carbon Calories

It’s Time to Start Counting Your Carbon Calories

Reversing the effects of climate change on a global scale requires a multi-faceted and collaborative approach, involving international bodies, governments and businesses. We could see dangerous levels of warming if we don’t significantly reduce our emissions by 2030.

Systemic changes are needed to slow down climate change and will involve a multitude of tactics ranging from the introduction of carbon taxes to the acceleration of renewable energy and carbon-neutral transport industries. Paul Hawken’s book, Drawdown, is a comprehensive overview of all the actions that need to take place if we’re to address this global issue.

Many concerned with climate change often feel powerless, and are asking how we, on an individual level, can make a difference to global carbon emissions? And how can we measure it?

There are many variables at play that affect carbon emissions both directly and indirectly, and climate scientists have developed easy-to-use calculators for exactly this purpose. We recommend this Carbon Footprint calculator as a valuable tool for understanding your own carbon footprint.

Measuring your own carbon footprint will not only set a benchmark from which you can improve, but it will also provide a greater understanding of how your personal decisions impact carbon emissions. This includes calculating:

  • How much energy you use at home, whether that’s electric, gas or oil

  • How many air miles you typically clock in a year

  • How often you drive; what distance you drive

  • How often you travel by bus, bike, train

  • How the food choices you make, the clothes you buy, and how your sporting activities impact your footprint

By understanding the environmental impact of our choices we can make more informed decisions, and begin to make incremental and impactful changes.

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