Investing with Genus

At Genus, our investment strategy is shaped by a global view that examines asset value, growth, expectation, momentum, quality, and sustainability. This diversified approach helps ensure our Fossil Freetm investments are strong.

Overall portfolio strategy

Securities are selected by specialist teams with in-depth expertise in each asset class, and a clearly defined process with proven results. Portfolios combine our expertise in stock selection and asset allocation with the complementary skill set o AlphaFixe Capital.

The overall asset allocation is driven by our systematic data-driven process, which evaluates more than 100 proven market indicators to forecast monthly asset class performance. Through these insights, Genus increases weights in attractive areas and reduces exposures to manage risk.

Genus Fossil Free’s total equity investment strategy

We combine Canadian and international stocks to build globally optimized fossil-free portfolios. As a result Genus Fossil Freetm offers a unique solution for resource-based markets like Canada.


We start by asking questions, listening and gaining an understanding of your goals.

One of our portfolio managers works with you to understand your unique situation, values, comfort with risk, past experiences and investment objectives.


Your portfolio manager then recommends an investment or divestment portfolio to aim to achieve your objectives.

Your personal portfolio manager develops a customized strategy that aligns with your goals. We will also prepare a comprehensive personal investment policy statement.


The final step: Your Fossil Freetm investment accounts are opened, and you start saving for your future.

We continually consult with you to ensure the strategies we’ve developed for you are meeting your evolving needs, as well as your service and performance expectations.

We actively manage your asset mix by increasing weightings to attractive areas and limiting exposure to those presenting more risk.

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Genus Capital Management is an independent investment management firm based in Vancouver. Founded in 1989, we create innovative investment solutions and tailor them to meet your needs.

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Our impact-driven team

Thomas Holloway, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Tom is the lead of our digital hybrid service, working personally with each client. He also manages human capital as finance professor at the University of Calgary and serves the boards of Swim Alberta and Alberta EcoTrust. Tom has been a professional investor for over 14 years at some of Canada’s most client-focused independent managers, including Genus back in 2006. Tom holds an MSc in Mathematics and is a CFA Charterholder.

Stephanie Tsui, MSc

Portfolio Manager

Stephanie works with foundations and institutions, managing their sustainable and impact investment portfolios. Prior to joining Genus, she worked at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, specializing in customized risk management solutions and investment strategies. Stephanie holds an MSc in Financial Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Mike Thiessen, CFA

Director of Sustainable Investments

Mike provides leadership for all sustainable disciplines, including research and portfolio construction. Prior to joining Genus, he worked at a strategic consultancy firm, a quantitative hedge fund and an equity research firm. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge concentrating in Social Innovation and is a CFA Charterholder.

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