performance test

3 Month1-Year2-Year*3-Year*4-Year*5-Year*Inception
Genus Fossil Free Institutional Balanced Composite 12.897.947.597.267.619.279.08
Benchmark 12.489.017.016.686.208.017.90
The returns of the Balanced Composite are derived from the returns of the funds listed below (in proportion to their percentage allocation in the portfolios that make up the Balanced Composite). These funds are the building blocks that we use in various combinations to create our diversified “Balanced” Portfolios.
Genus Government Bond Fund 20.631.11-0.171.582.273.152.83
Genus Fossil Free Corporate Bond Fund 20.850.820.702.413.064.263.93
Genus Canadian T-Bill Fund 30.401.200.900.750.740.751.01
Genus Fossil Free Dividend Equity Fund 44.1710.959.629.8010.2812.0111.69
Genus Fossil Free CanGlobe Equity Fund 44.5714.1814.1011.2811.5914.6315.10
Genus Fossil Free High Impact Equity Fund 52.5913.3713.2710.3912.87-10.83