Sustainable Commuting to Combat the Climate Crisis

Sustainable Commuting to Combat the Climate Crisis

In 2018, the landmark IPCC report confirmed what climate scientists have been telling us for years: climate change is already upon us and to prevent global temperatures from increasing by no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, we need to cut fossil fuel use in half by 2030.

With transportation accounting for 15 per cent of emissions, decreasing the number of cars on the road is a priority. The growth of electric vehicles is positive, but for those without one, how can you commute sustainably? Here are three options to consider:

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Did you know that 68 per cent of cars on the road only have one occupant? Carpooling is an excellent low-cost option for decreasing your commuting carbon footprint. Don’t have anyone to share a ride with? There are online platforms like Kangaride developed to connect people with extra seats to the people who need them.

Check with your employer to see if there is already a car-pooling program in place. If there isn’t, you can always enlist colleagues to start your own.

(Reader’s Digest has some good advice on launching a carpooling program).


Biking to work might be intimidating to those who have never tried, but there are plenty of resources available to make biking accessible to everyone. Mobile apps like MapMyRide allow cyclists to search for the best bike routes in their area. Thanks to bike share programs (such as Mobi in Vancouver), you can see if cycling is a realistic option for you without buying a new bike.

Work from home:

If you typically drive to work, consider working remotely once a week to decrease your carbon footprint. While this isn’t an option for everyone, it is worth discussing with your employer if this arrangement is possible.

What other options do you recommend for commuting sustainably, without leaving a carbon footprint?

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